Very briefly it went something like this:

The big takeaways are that the whole thing was engineered and supported by the National Security Council and the Bush regime. There wasn't any external terrorist threat. The most important weapon used on 9/11 was the mass media. The media were directly involved in the attacks and we can prove that they aired fake videos on 9/11. Some of the actors who pretended to be eyewitnesses have now been exposed.

Watch SEPTEMBER CLUES for the best introduction and starting point on TV Fakery.

1. Bush administration foreign policy is to "re-do" the middle east and replace all the independent states in Central Asia and the Former Soviet Union with pro-US (or new world order) puppet governments. Bush domestic policy is to establish a police state and weaken the Bill of Rights with the Patriot Act.

2. Because Bush was unpopular there was no way for him to carry out this foreign policy (or domestic policy) unless there was some dramatic "Good Luck Event" like a New Pearl Harbor that would get public support behind his wars and other policies. Read National Security Council documents or Project for a New American Century to get more on this idea.

3. Bush's backers and the National Security Council worked out a deal with the Israeli government and private military contractors to carry out a large military deception operation to blow up the World Trade Center and blame the attack on Arabs, this linking US Foreign Policy and Israeli Foreign Policy.

4. In order to hide the means by which the towers were blown up, the TV stations showed fake video of the attacks as they unfolded. Many helicopters participated in the attacks, and no airplanes crashed. But the TV showed crashing airplanes in order to have some story that would look like the WTC getting blown up by the desired bad guys (Arab hijackers).

5. The media ran completely fake stories with ridiculous props as evidence, Hijacker Passports found on the sidewalk, Arabic How-to-Fly manuals and Korans left in rental cars, etc.

6. Close Bush cronies, hired actors, professional spooks and media plants called into TV shows and appeared as fake eyewitnesses on 9/11 to say they "witnessed a commercial jetliner proceed directly towards the towers and smash purposefully into the World Trade Center."

7. The vast majority of names of victims on the supposed plane crashes are completely fake.

8. The attacks were designed in part to cover up breaking financial scandals related to Enron, Global Crossing, and trillions missing from the Pentagon. The main goal of the attacks was to create a war which would transfer billions of dollars to the defense contractors who supported Bush (Haliburton, for example) and also the oil industry. The airlines got a multi-billion dollar bailout from the congress after 9/11 as well, and all sorts of new money was made available for "Homeland Security", a term straight from Hitler's New World Order.

9. 911Truth was set up as a scam from the start to manage the youth and left-wing reactions to the 9/11 attacks. The entire "remote controlled drone aircraft" idea is supposed to get the media off the hook for their involvement. The Flight 93 shootdown idea is supposed to make it look like the military did their jobs and give conspiracy theorists something to talk about. The WTC 7 is designed as a limited hangout: the government will eventually admit that it had to be demolished because structural engineers worried it would collapse and because it contained sensitive documents. Since no-one died in WTC 7 there's no crime there. There's also a controlled demolition hang-out, they may claim that Al Qaida used "suitcase nukes" to blow up the WTC but they didn't want to panic the world so they didn't report that story.

Let me know what you think.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

F11 No Planes 9/11 Truth Rap

Activist - F11
"Yeah So on 9/11...theres a whole bunch of different ideas on what happened...
who was responsible...there's all this stuff that people get mixed up in, and all the talk
and some are wrong, and what's right and, and I just don't know, but, this just one of them
So...fuck it"

I say Fuck 9/11 like the F11 key
Their hephalump answers are imaginary
They say: "Plane, plane, plane"!!!
As if it's arranged at point blank range
I think it's painful and plainly obvious
That passenger planes didn't cause this
Cause it defies all the laws of,
Gravity and semmetry,
Am I to believe this sketcky imagery
That was brought in for all to see
From unknown agencies
Isn't completly full of falasy?
Cause you must be fair and balancing
Being aware of everything, on the in and on the out
Why's the nose the same size when it came out?
Why don't the path's angles follow the same route?
Why does only some audio play shouts?
Why were five lies called 'live' shots?

The 9/11 impact videos are edits
The object hitting was imbedded
The word plane was invented
In a script that was intended
For visions to be apprehended
We're gonna scream till we end it

It's always barge in and blowup
With no evidence to show us, what we know is
Aviation crashin's a big aluminum car smashin'
So why's it slashin' through steel and disapearing insealed
Because it'd be too hard to fake the whole thing and keep it real
So they reel it live, Then take a second to edit in the lie,
Then later televise scripts and clips that terrorize,
It's the ultimate brainwashing kind,
When you flood the mind
With repeated lies from your spit
Base actions on this and they're legit
We gotta correct this police state we live
If we don't hurry up they may win
There's no tellin', to which path they may step
But i know i'll put my foot down to trip
Cause the life i live is sacred
So i'll die before i take it's taken

The 9/11 impact videos are edits
The object hitting was imbedded
The word plane was invented
In a script that was intended
For visions to be apprehended
We're gonna scream till we end it

In this virtual day, you can edit it any way
Tell which clips to play, and which scripts to say
Can't tell the difference between phonny graphics
And real photographs it's a form of magic
Want you to imagine, what they said happened
But you saw the wires and you grabbed them
First reaction, normallly's one of satisfaction
Never sat, always act,
Hear the words 'air attack',
Think plane infact,
See past the plain and blatant facts
Play the footage back,
Why does it cut to black
Why's the plane intact
Why aren't the exits all exact
Why do the clips look like crap
How'd they know to film the impact
When we hadn't been 'attacked'??!!??

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j said...

Super Job. It is amazing how many shills have been hired to debunk the obvious.

Everyone should understand that mass media is the most culpable of everything that happened on 911. If Americans simply understood this one point, the lying governments would only get away with half the things they do.